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What is DollyDrive?
DollyDrive is a Mac application offering all-in-one online file storage, sharing, and syncing, as well as cloud and local backup options. It's everything you need to store, share, and protect your data, in the cloud and locally.

Where does my data live ?
For Local Backup and Clone, your data is copied to the local drive that you specify. Cloud Backup and Space data is stored in DollyDrive's secure data centers in Miami (USA) and Rome (EU). But don't worry, everything is totally safe.  

How does DollyDrive keep my data safe?
Everything on DollyDrive's servers is encrypted with 256 bit AES encryption. You can read more about AES encryption, but the bottom line is that your data is safe with DollyDrive.

What is a Family account?
DollyDrive's Family account option lets you create separate DollyDrive profiles for each member of your family. You can have up to ten individual users, and our admin tools let you manage all your accounts in one place. Best of all, our Family option is free. All you pay for is the total amount of storage that you need.

What's the best way to get started with Cloud Backup?
Depending on how much stuff you want to back up, your first Cloud Backup could take a while. How long depends on the upload speed of your internet connection.

At first, start with small backups. One way to do that is to use DollyDrive's Inclusion/Exclusion feature. Start with the most important data you'd like to back up, and gradually add additional locations to your Inclusions list until you're backing up everything that you want to protect.

What happens if my backup gets interrupted?
It's no problem! The next time your backup starts, DollyDrive will scan your files to see what's already been backed up. So if your backup gets interrupted, DollyDrive will pick up right where it left off the last time.

How do I delete cloud backups?
At this time, you can't delete your own Cloud Backups. If you need to remove data, our support team can help.

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